Entries for January 2018

National Program Excellence Award Nomination
Camp Hawkeye is a small program in a big world.  I like to think of Hawkeye as "The Little Camp That Could" (like the classic kid's book The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper). With 350 million Americans running around it seems that 200 staff and kids each summer working, playing, learning and growing is less than a drop in the bucket.  However it is nice to know sometimes that the word, and more importantly, the work is reaching farther.  Like the exploratory tendrils from the roots of healthy plant looking to get a deeper, firmer hold the Hawkeye message extends out.  This happened last year for the first time on a national level in the camping industry.  Camp Hawkeye was nominated for a national award; the Eells Awards for Program Excellence. In September of 2016 a pair of representatives from the Board Stewardship Committee for the American Camp Association New England (ACANE) section brought Camp Hawkeye forward as a candidate for nomination for a national award in camping; the Eells Awards for Program Excellence.  This was simply the first piece of communication about being nominated by our regional section.  It was an honor to considered at even this most introductory level a... MORE
My Chicken Friend.
'Chicken Friend' 'tʃɪk.ɪn - fren(d)' noun: Chicken Friend 1. A Chicken Friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg, even though they know you are slightly cracked. You both help each other to stay sunny side up. Your strength, your determination and your courage together is egg-ceptional. This type of friendship is  pretty much impossible to beat.   The parent trap is probably ONE of my FAVOURITE films. I think that’s how I started liking Oreo's. Heath would understand you see, because, well, we are each other’s twin! We met at camp and we come from different worlds. I happened to be the English twin, and...well she wasn’t American twin but our own South African one! We met at camp and bonded over our love for the Lion King. She also taught me this weird dance move. Think of a zebra crossed with an antelope....anyway that was in 2012, my first year at camp and hers too. We said goodbye like everyone does at the end of the summer; tearful and hopeful at the same time, having shared such an intense and meaningful experience.  I always hoped we would meet again, someday. Each year I became less hopeful. I returned to Hawkeye each of the n... MORE
Follow Up Interview with Chevy
Chevy was part of our staff group in 2017 and is back with us for 2018. Chevy is a transgender male, he has written a blog about his previous experience as a camper growing up on the west coast, and, as a counselor with us (click here to read). We wanted to ask Chevy a few more questions about why Hawkeye is different from other camps and why diversity matters to him as a member of the transgender community.  Here is the interview we had with Chevy in January of 2018:   Why was it important to you to find a camp that had experience with the transgender community? "Finding a camp that already had experience with transgender counselors was something that took one fear off of my plate. In my first year as a counselor I was worried about a lot of things, and I didn't want my identity to be one of those things I worried about."  Why do you think having a diverse community is important especially at a summer camp?  "I think it's important because the world itself is diverse. Summer camp especially is a place that I know to be diverse. No matter which camp I went to, I met and befriended people from all over the country and world, with all types of backgrounds and interests. At summer camp we don't want ... MORE
My Experience as a Transgender Staff Member at Hawkeye
This post is courtesy of Chevy Whitson, a first year counselor at Camp Hawkeye in 2017 and a lifelong camp person.  It is based on Chevy's experiences growing up going to overnight camp, applying for a job at overnight camp, and flying across the country and working at Hawkeye last summer.  Great thanks to Chevy for sharing a little about his experience.  We've already rehired Chevy for Summer Staff 2018 and look forward to seeing him at Hawkeye then! The first day of school is always going to be nerve-wracking. You're meeting new people who you'll spend eight hours a day with, five days a week, for thirty six weeks. As a new counselor, and new to Hawkeye, I couldn't help but flash back to those feelings on the drive from the bus stop, up the road to camp. I admit, I was scared. I had flown across the country to work with a ton of people from all different backgrounds, and I barely knew anything about any of them. I was already worried about who I would end up friends with. However, the worries were all for nothing. The car door opened, and I was seemingly rushed by a group of people, who I vaguely recognized from Facebook pictures or pictures off the website. That was the beginning of what was, without a doubt... MORE