Entries for December 2017

What a Wonderful World!
  ‘I see trees of green, red roses too I see them bloom for me and you And I think to myself what a wonderful world’ (click here to listen to the song)     Stop that song on the radio.  Don’t turn over that photo.  All of the things I do to avoid reminiscing about camp. I won’t be able to feel then. I won’t feel the sadness of being away from everyone. I won’t miss the love and affection you get from so many people, everyday. I won’t miss the fresh air, that beautiful surrounding. I take a look around where I am at the moment, everything feels so cold. The people standing next to me, look lost. Lost in their uncertainty and their doubt. Politics, religion, ethnicity and gender create more walls between you and I. It's easy to think this is how life must be. Now and again, I stop myself and remember that place that appreciates and accepts us all.   When I feel ready, I open that photo, I listen to our summer song.  I open the letter I wrote to myself.   I let myself think, I let myself feel, I let myself be reminded of the incredible 10 weeks I had.  I feel the wave of different emotions hit me and the... MORE