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"Say You're Sorry"
Separating the Identity of the Child from the Behavior : At Hawkeye We Don’t Make Campers Apologize   Have you ever been made to say you’re sorry?   That’s not even a reasonable question… we all have.  The more apt question is: How many times have you been made to say you’re sorry?  Once (ha!)?   One Hundred Times (hmm)?  More (yup)? The reality for most people is that as children, and sometimes even as adults, we are forced to say sorry many times over.  Sometimes we are sorry but not ready to say as much.  Other times we’re not sorry at all.   I remember many many times as a child and young adult being made to apologize to my brother.  I have a younger brother, which makes me an older brother and yes like many (most?...all?) older siblings I was not always kind to my brother.  Anyway, I was often made to apologize and many of those times that forced apology made things worse between us.  I am not saying I wasn’t wrong, I often was, but saying I was sorry didn’t help in the short run nor in the long.   We don’t make kids say they are sorry.    At Camp Hawkeye our approach to w... MORE