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How Our Kids Can Embrace Their Best
Self-Care & Summer Camp: How Our Kids Can Embrace Their Best   A few nights ago, as I looked up from the mirror, minty kaolin mask on my face, I stopped and wondered: if we take the time, to care for our skin, nourish our bodies, grow them in a way that lends itself to health and joy, why then, wouldn’t we do the same when choosing a summer camp for our children?   Stay with me. Magnanimity is best defined as being of great mind and heart. It rejects pettiness and embraces danger for the purposes of being noble. Generous. Kind. Charitable. Every day we wear a multitude of masks. In classes, the mask covers smirks or smudges out worry. Walking down the street, we layer on armour to shut out urban vulnerability, personal anxieties, anxt. At the dinner table, in our homes, in the dance studio or on the rugby pitch, we present mask after mask. We outfit our personas, as young people, as parents, as students, as leaders. Masks clog our pores, shield us from toxins, they lift us up, they seep into our skin, until….we aren’t sure where they/we begin, how to dissolve the clay. And when we do, we hope for glow. We hope for fresh perspective and a feeling, like new. Like summer bloom. Like, whoa,... MORE