Entries for May 2017

She Got Stache
You know that moment. The one where, your favorite song comes on the radio as you’re coasting to who-knows-where, and maybe the sunroof is open, and maybe the sky is torching up like a campfire. That moment, when the beat hits your blood, blooms electric. That is what it is like to know Jessica Colgan-Snyder. Magnetic & dynamic, her generosity infuses everything she touches. (It’s TRUE!) This year’s Stache-for-Cash Dynamo sat down to answer a few questions, and shed some light on how this camp life has become her oyster.   Oh. And did I mention she STACHED her way to $4500 in donations for under-served youth to attend Camp Hawkeye during this summer?   “Stache for Cash gives me an opportunity to talk with people about Hawkeye’s mission to make camp possible for families who without scholarship wouldn’t be able to attend camp. I think it gives people a pretty good idea about how committed I am to our campers and the Hawkeye community”, Jess tells me. Since 2010, commitment has been part of her every morning routine throughout the whole month of April.   Where some wake & slog through the early morning “what heels go best with this dress” debacle, ... MORE