Entries for May 2018

Stache for Cash - The Untold Story
Eight years ago, I inserted myself into a mustache growing competition fundraiser; Stache For Cash.  Started by 3 guys around a camp fire one night while drinking beer and trying to think of fun, competitive ways to help deserving kids attend Camp Hawkeye.  A1-M1 (April 1 to May 1)was the tagline. The idea was they would get a handful of men to grow mustaches, post pictures of their progress, and ask people to donate based on how much they liked or disliked their mustache. They would spend the entire month of April growing a mustache and at the end of the month a judge would decide who won the coveted Stache Trophy! I have never been someone to shy away from competition, even if it seems like I have no business being in it. At the time I was 25 years old, I had zero hope of any hair growing on my upper lip. Later in my Stache For Cash career I would be threatened by a woman who told me to just wait my turn; I was guaranteed to have a mustache when I was her age and it wouldn’t be so funny then. (she clearly didn’t stop to find out why I was wearing a real hair stage mustache). Did I mention that a woman wearing a mustache is an amazing social experiment?   The first year I wasn’t really su... MORE