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You Can Do Whatever You Want!
You Can Do Whatever You Want! At Camp Hawkeye we spend as much time in the off-season as possible meeting and spending time with parents and kids.  We do this in lots of different ways; home visits, organic encounters at community events, and camp fairs.  It is great!   No really, we love it!  Jess and I relish getting out of the office and being with the families and kids that make the Hawkeye community so amazing!  Each of these opportunities for interaction carries with it a separate set of social parameters.  It is always very interesting.  When we participate in events open to other camps or similar youth focused organizations I always listen closely to how the programs present themselves.  Even when we get a chance to listen to parents talk about other camps or programs I pay close attention.  In these instances it is very easy to discern what both the parent s value as well as the organization’s core philosophies. One such opportunity had us next to a camp with more than a few basic similarities to Camp Hawkeye.  This camp is also located in New Hampshire, it has a coed program, the campers live in cabins, the sessions are similar in length, and the kids spend... MORE