Where Is Hawkeye?

Two hours drive north of Boston along a dirt road, on a side of a mountain with fields and paths running down to one-quarter mile of waterfront on Lake Kanasatka, sits the 100 acre site of Camp Hawkeye.  The mountain is Red Hill and is a popular hiking spot for camps and tourists alike.  We use it for lots of adventures including sunrise hikes.

Mostly wooded, Hawkeye is on the site of an old New Hampshire farm.  Stone walls outline what once were fields and pastures but now sit reassuringly among the pine and maple trees.  Great places to hide clues for Treasure Hunt, stash a Tribe Egg, or conceal the Bumppo Stick.


  • Fun in the Sun

    The Waterfront

    One of the most beautiful areas on camp is our sandy beach. The private swimming area Hawkeye enjoys is part of Lake Kanasatka's 370 acres of clean freshwater. Swimming lanes, shallow area for wading and playing around, docks, and diving tower provide endless laughter and refreshment in the summer sun. Boats are stored and launched here too. The Waterfront Cabin holds canoes and kayaks throughout the winter. Pack up your stuff; we're going to the Island!

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  • Tradition & Ceremony

    Campfire Circles

    Next to the beach is our main campfire circle that we use for all our community campfires. Everyone gets their Camp Hawkeye necklace here, being welcomed into our community during a ceremony as old as camp. Counselors tie necklaces on returners and they in turn tie on the necklaces of new campers to welcome them personally. Goodbye campfires happen here too. Luckily the coming dusk gives us each some privacy in these moments of reminiscence. As we remember our friends and achievements from this summer we also despair at the time and distance until the first campfire of next year.

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  • Did someone say Gaga?

    Athletics Fields

    Though Camp Hawkeye is not a sports camp that doesn't mean you can't play sports. Frisbee to football (both American and European), basketball to Gaga, there is something for everyone on the field. Courts, nine-square in the air, volleyball, and Starfish Ball too. What; you haven't heard of Starfish Ball? It's kind of like baseball but with a tennis racket that you carry around the bases, uses a tennis ball, and is scored like cricket. We'll teach you. All sorts of athletic contests beyond traditional sports. Have more fun and be challenged anew. Water-balloon headers? How about Bunkball? The annual Bunkball championships happen on the anniversary of their discovery; will you be there? I hope so!

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  • Social Center of Camp

    Cabin Area

    Wooden cabins we call home for the summer. Cool in the heat of day below the hundred year pines. Sounds and smells of the forest. Sounds of camp too; laughing kids and music from another cabin. Is that a wiffleball field backing up on Cabin 3? Sure is; hit it over the cabin and it's a homer! Cabins with bathrooms, showers, and electricity. No room-service sorry though inspection you betcha. Did your bunk win a pair of hammocks in the camp auction? Find them next to your cabin. Relax and spend time with your new friends. Love the cabin area; better than a cul-de-sac.

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