Now Hiring

 The staff hiring process is ongoing and positions are filled as soon as we connect with wonderful people with the amazing skills we seek. Current positions for which we are hiring are listed below (please note that this page is updated not more than twice a month – if you want to know definitively if a position is still open send us a message).  Further information on any position listed will include a job description in addition to other forms including a Staff Calendar and Application.


Applicants should be prepared to provide the following:

  1. Up to date Resume
  2. Completed Staff Application
  3. Two non-family references (phone)

Applicants should also be prepared to participate in at least one in-person or video chat interview with the Director lasting up to an hour.

Post Hire:

After provisional job offer prospective staff must agree to the following:

  1. Be present for and actively participate in all pre-camp Staff Training & Orientation
  2. Sign and abide by the Camp Hawkeye Staff Code of Conduct
  3. Understand that Camp Hawkeye is a tobacco and alcohol free campus


Cabin Counselor:

This position is the backbone of the staff group and delivers the primary elements of the Hawkeye program on a daily basis. This role requires patience, strong communication skills, positive energy and a commitment to making a difference.

This individual will be assigned a cabin of a specific age and will be working alongside two other staff members. This individual is expected to show skills in these areas; teamwork, organization, resilience, adaptability and compassion.

Primary responsibilities include:

- Maintain a great level of health and well-being for all the campers in the assigned cabin.

- Be a reliable & fair mentor.  Be unique & allow the children to form a one-to-one connection with you. 

- Educate children on topics of interest - this could be theirs/yours/Hawkeye's mission.

- Create challenging yet fun activities to bring the group together and establish a shared identity.

Secondary Responsibilities include:

- Plan, organize and lead activities in a program area of your choice; WW, AC, SW, BD, BT, AY, DR

- Develop activities that are progressive and will challenge specific age groups

- Take responsibility for the safety precautions and procedures in your area. 

- Build Camper's perseverance, problem solving, independence and social skills

The Salary for this position is based on ability and experience from $1100-1800. Salary includes housing, food, and laundry. Staff receive time off daily and weekly.


Head of Waterfront:

Our waterfront is most people's favorite area at camp, take a swim, go paddle-boarding or race your friend in a Canoe. None of these activities can take place without our Head of Waterfront. We are looking for a reliable, responsible and proactive individual to take on this responsibility. 

•Maintain a safe, clean and happy waterfront.

•Supervise and/or execute all swim lessons, free swims, and programmed swim activities.  Current swim program in place.

•Assign, oversee ongoing training for, and manage Lifeguards and other swim staff.  Report directly to the Assistant Director. 

 •Be present and accountable during Free Swim, delegate responsibilities to Lifeguards, and run an organised session for all campers to be in the water.

•Must love working with kids. Must have lots of energy and a positive attitude. Must be committed to the Hawkeye mission. 

 •Help run/plan/organize other program areas. Direct other program instructors to lead safe and well-thought out activities for cabins.


The Salary for this position is negotiable based on skills and experience starting from $200/week. Salary includes housing, food, and laundry. Staff receive time off daily and weekly.