WHO WE ARE - UnTraditional

Established in 2005 Camp Hawkeye was founded to bridge a gap that is all too rarely crossed; difference. There are many great camps out there. Camps for kids from the east coast or the west.  Camps for kids from the suburbs or the city.  Camps for kids with a certain religious affiliation or another.  Even camps for kids who like certain activities versus another.


 These all may be and often are great camps.  Programs that meet high standards for safety, program design, and skill development.  However when we aren't intentional about bringing people together we often end up furthering their separation.

Camp Hawkeye cuts across these seemingly harmless boundaries and brings together kids who don't live near each other, attend the same schools, or belong to the same clubs.  Camp Hawkeye intentionally recruits campers and staff from a variety of backgrounds, family situations, self-identifying characteristics, religions, socioeconomic realities, and geographic locations.

We believe that our camp is better for it!  Our development is deeper, our understanding is better and our perspective is broader.  Just like natural communities are strengthened by biodiversity or gene-pool variation so is our natural camp community.

Camp Hawkeye is a safe community.  Safe for campers who experience the world differently, who have different learning styles, or self-identify in a non-traditional way.

Hawkeye is not for everyone.  However it might be perfect for you and your family.  Wherever your child and your family falls on the various spectra used to classify us all it is important that you find a camp community that matches up with your values and your approach to parenting.

Get to know us and let us get to know you.  Read through our website and then schedule a call with Jess or Garrett.  Tell us what you want for your child, what's important to your family, and what role we can play in your summer plans.


  • A Safe & Healthy Environment
  • Positive, Responsible Staff Role Models
  • New & Better Friendships
  • Self-Confidence Through Skills
  • A Fun Unforgettable Experience
  • A Challenging New Adventure