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Summer 2020 Cancellation Announcement

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Summer 2020 Update

Friday, May 15, 2020

Hi Hawkeye Community,

We’re here to pass along some sad news. We have decided that it is in the best interest of our campers, camper families, and staff to cancel all of our Summer 2020 camp sessions. Camp will begin again in June 2021.

Our number 1 priority continues to be the health and safety of our participants. Before anything else can happen, before a Camp Hawkeye necklace can be tied on, Treasure Hunt organized, or a Lincoln and Lafayette hike completed, we need to be sure of the safety of our people. 

Those of you who know Hawkeye well, know that this goes to the core of our camp philosophy and how we approach the fun and learning of each summer. Our program is about people. It’s about the relationships developed and the group bonds that are forged.

This has been a tremendously challenging time and deeply difficult decision. We have not made this decision alone. Our family has done so in coordination with the Hawkeye Leadership Team, the NH Camps community, parents, alumni, and with the guidance offered at a national level from the American Camp Association and the CDC.

This is our life. Jess and my life, our sons’ life. We have chosen the camp life and work all year for the freedom, challenge, and happiness of each summer. We are devastated. I cannot express enough how sad our entire family is.

My guess is that your child is going to be sad too and we are terribly sorry for that.

Now is the time to mourn the loss of camp this summer. Soon enough we’ll get on with building for next summer, for connecting in whatever way we can from afar and reconnecting with our camp friends…our best friends. But right now it is time to be sad.

Some of our campers and staff are already mourning the loss of the old property despite the happiness of our new and wonderful site. For many Hawkeye Community members this is the place that they have grown to call home. Again we recognize and sympathize with that.

We are here. Jess and I are here. 

Even without the delicious smell of campfire, the unavoidable butterflies that come from standing in front of the entire community and the scrape of new leather as your 2020 necklace is tied on.

We are here.

We want to thank you all for your patience and support. Thanks especially to parents and guardians for their tremendous trust and willingness to offer opinions, share experiences, and give honest caring feedback over the last weeks. The engagement of parents and guardians has been a vital part of the journey to this decision.

We are so excited to share our new location with you. We really can’t wait to the next time we can give Camp Appropriate Side Hugs, cheer and laugh as we welcome you to your happy place, and a place you call home.

I am truly sorry to have to share this news with all of you. We miss you. We love you.

The Colgan-Snyder Family


We have reached the tops of NH highest mountains together, we will get through this together.

Please parents take a day or two with this information and process it for yourself before talking with your kids about it. We will put a video together to deliver the news personally. We hope to get that to you first by tomorrow afternoon and then we will post it to our social media.

We know this will be difficult, especially for returners, to hear and process. We will be putting together a number of communications addressing things like what happens with 2020 CiTs and JCs, will the tribe competition still happen, will community members receive a necklace, will you be able to visit camp.

We are heartbroken not to be able to welcome everyone to our new location. To our new families, we are sorry you have to wait until 2021 to receive our special Hawkeye welcome.

We will be together again when it is safe and we can ensure everyone remains healthy.

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