What It Means to Be in Our Community - Our Responsibilities

Community Membership in the Off-Season

Being a part of Camp Hawkeye doesn't end where the pavement begins. Our commitments to each other links us together 12 months a year.

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  • Connect
  • Communicate
  • Support

What we can do for each other; Step 1 - Connect:

Though the fun of Eggy Day and Dance Parties, Chelsea Dagger energy and walking the goats, swimming in the lake and shooting an arrow end in August that doesn't mean our community hibernates for the winter.  We are connected in so many ways and we want to see campers and families even more.  Visit each other, text, and (gasp) write letters.

Jess, August and I try and lead the way here. Visiting families in the off-season, watching plays and recitals, games and going to parties. We'd love to come and visit you whether on a cross-country road-trip or just something closer to home, Jess also likes adding stamps in her passport and loves to travel outside the US.  Invite us and be open to the invites of others.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are simple ways we stay in touch throughout the year. We try and share information about camp, our family, and what's going on with other community members. We hope you join us on social media in taking this first small step to stay connected with the families and friends from the summer.

What we can do for each other; Step 2 - Communicate:

Now that we're connected what do we do next? We communicate...at camp we have those moments where we share that bit of ourselves, unexpectedly, unabashedly.  We let people in by making ourselves vulnerable and talking about those things that really matter.  Hiking up a mountain and chatting on the way, sitting on your bed during Reading Period, relaxing on the beach or sharing on The Island.

Share the good & the bad – shout from the rooftops when you are doing something good or see someone else doing something good.  We know you are great and we want to let everyone else know too.  And when someone is not doing well we want to know that also in order to help in whatever way they need and we can.

What we can do for each other; Step 3 - Support:

Now that we communicate what do we do next? We offer support to each other and expect support from each other. The give and take of community; the benefits and responsibilities of having someone there for you and to be there for them too.

The benefits of community include the things we talk about in our Welcome Campfires; someone there to help when you need it, pick you up when you're down, be there to listen or give you a push, and someone to share your happiness and joys. We each have responsibilities too; to be that person to listen, offer assistance, pick someone else up on their worst day, and enjoy life with them when they are happy.

These things can be as simple as posting a supportive comment on Facebook or offering up help or to chat. They could include helping with something or someone you know; making a connection or explaining something complex. They could be more involved too; showing up unexpectedly to see a game, deliver flowers, or give a much needed side-hug.