Discover Hawkeye

Happy, Comfortable, Challenging, New, Exciting!

This section tells you a bit more about what life at camp is like (#FUN).

Make Friends

Friends guaranteed! Close-knit cabin groups and helpful staff means it's easy to get settled into camp life. No cliques; just new friends to make and side hugs to be had (don't worry - we'll teach you). Maybe you already have too many friends...what?! You can't ever have too many friends. Shy? No problem we can help. Difficulty meeting new people? We got you, don't worry.

Love Your Summer

At Hawkeye we don't want you to like your time at camp...WE WANT YOU TO LOVE IT! That's one of our goals, to provide an experience that you love. Something memorable; not just a scoop of ice cream but a sundae with all your favorite toppings. Yeah like that!! Part of this is you bringing a big part of yourself with you. I know that sounds a bit weird but at camp you can be yourself; 100%.

Have Fun

Love to build things, paint, draw, or act? Love to run outside, swim, and play sports? Love both? The activities at camp are great and the people are even better. Our counselors we campers just like you. They are AWESOME, fun, and know all the best stuff; the best hiding spots for Tribe Eggs, making friendship bracelets like a pro, and the trick to getting into meals first every time.

Find Adventure

Hawkeye is an opportunity to do things you've never done before. Climb a mountain, learn to swim, sleep on the island, make a fire, shoot an arrow, catch an egg, play Gaga, wrestle a bear (just seeing if you are paying attention), meet someone from Turkey! Do something different and exciting this summer. Spend your summer outside, running and laughing with your friends; water balloons a must.