Oh Yeah, Cabins Yeah!

At Hawkeye we live in Cabins YAY! Summer cabins with lots of fresh air but no mosquitoes...unless you stand in the doorway holding the door open and why would you ever do that?

The cabins are made of wood and have porches of varying sizes. Between 6 and 12 campers and 3 staff live in each bunk sharing the space and building a cabin identity. Each cabin has a name; Meadowview, Brookside Lounge, and Booger Hollow are a few.



Good news; there is electricity in the cabins! Outlets, light switches, and even lights so you can find that left shoe that keeps going missing. Bad news; no electronics! No phones, video games, tablets, laptops, e-readers, or anything else you would plug in. Counselors will have music so don't despair; the soundtrack of the summer is always fun and upbeat!


Showers & Bathrooms

Good news; there is a shower and a bathroom in each camper cabin!

Bad news; there is no bad news, ha!

Hot water and privacy. No need to go to somewhere else to grab a shower. If you're a morning shower person, no problem. Evening shower, that's fine too. Ten year-old who doesn't like to shower...well, we've got shower charts for that.


Bunk Beds

Everyone sleeps in bunk beds. Counselors too of course. Top bunk or bottom bunk...important choice. Each has their merits and though it really doesn't say anything about your character it is interesting to hear camper reasoning for choosing one over the other.