Mountains & Caves & Waterfalls

Find adventure at Hawkeye with weekly out-of-camp hiking trips. Some of the hikes are to a mountain peak.  Others might be exploring a string of beaver ponds, some caves, or a waterfall for swimming.  Go with your friends and discover parts of the world you've never seen.  Be farther from buildings than ever before.  Search out eagles and owls, salamanders and trillium, or eat some wild blueberries atop the ridge on the Welch Dickey Loop.

One week take a hike with your cabin group and the next week choose something that fits your style better.  Want to really challenge yourself?  Choose the Flat Mountain Pond loop - sounds flat but watch out; miles await.  How about Lincoln and Lafayette?  Get up on Franconia Ridge and look all the way to Mt. Washington.  Views to the east into the heart of White Mountain National Forest reveal countless acres of wilderness unspoiled by development.

Sunrise Hikes

Each session there is an opportunity for you to greet the sun from the top of one of the area mountains.  Wake up in the dark and start your hike with your headlamp and regular hiking gear.  Race the sunrise to the top of Red Hill so you can watch the sunrise from the Fire-tower.  360 degree views await you as you watch the sun appear to rise out of the State of Maine just beyond the east mountains.  Watch the White and the Ossipee Mountains come alive in the morning glow; watch Lake Winnipesaukee wake up and Squam too.

Moose on the Loose

Could you see a moose or another big animal?  Yes. It is really something special to see a large animal like a moose and it does happen.  Once each session a group gets to be part of a special Moose Search opportunity early one morning.