Sleep on the Island

 Sleeping on the island is something you won't really understand until you experience it. It's a night to spend away from the rest of the groups, get more connected with your bunk-mates, and relax under the stars.

During your session you will get to spend the night on the island.  One day during your two weeks your cabin will pack up your gear, load it into canoes, and paddle out past Turtle Rock for an overnight.  Some of the BEST THINGS about an island trip:

  1. Come back smelling like campfire
  2. S'MORES! (marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers)
  3. No "lights out" time
  4. Choosing to get up with the sunrise
  5. An adventure sleeping in a tent

Spend the evening hanging out by the fire telling stories and getting to know your bunk-mates.  Hear about where they are from - Do Dutch pancakes really exist?  Does everyone drink tea in England?  Does everyone surf in California?

Some cabins come back in the morning for breakfast and some cabins stay to make breakfast over the fire; which will you choose?

What if it's french toast for breakfast?  How about bacon & egg sandwiches?  Breakfast burritos?