The What and the Why

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to a few typical questions for new counselors.
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All staff members must be at least eighteen (18) before the first day of Staff Orientation. Nearly all our 18 & 19 year old counselors have been through our Leadership Development Program. Even if you are eighteen years or older by the start of camp if you are new to our program a summer as a JC may be the best option for you.

There are Counselor in Training and Junior Counselor roles available in our Leadership Development Program for sixteen and seventeen (17) year olds.
Yes, staff members are hired for a period of time that includes pre-camp staff orientation and post camp clean up. Staff members arrive before, and leave after, the campers.

Training before camp is vital, required, and irreplaceable. There are trainings required by the State of NH, American Camp Association because of our accreditation, and by us so we can teach you our approach to youth development, limit setting, and positive mentorship.
Yes, staff members get a full day off each week except for the first week of each half session when they get an extra number of hours instead.

We believe time off is important for all staff; both the social and recuperative benefits of time away from primary responsibilities and camp as a whole are valuable. Days off are a great time to explore the local area.
Laundry gets done every Wednesday for the entire camp community. Bring enough clothes for a week plus a little just in case there is rain, a super amount of swimming (always), or an extra hiking trip. Don't forget fancy dress options, sports gear, and tribe colors galore.
Counselors live in cabins with a cabin group. Each group has three staff living in and taking care of the bunk. Sharing living space is a great way to connect quickly and importantly with campers and peers.

A small number of non-counseling staff have separate quarters but all staff should expect to live with campers. This includes the Nurse, Chef, and other administrative staff.
If you are doing it for the money you are in the wrong place. Expect to make less than you would in another summer job and to have a great time doing it. Rate of pay depends on a variety of things including but not limited to role, experience, and certifications. Compensation also includes room, board, and weekly laundry service.

Counselors get paid every two weeks. Checks are handed out to those who want them and direct deposit is offered too.
No. Hawkeye is a smoke free and alcohol free campus. There is also no storage of tobacco of any kind on camp.

Camp Hawkeye is also a drug and alcohol free campus. No drinking on camp nor possession or storage of alcohol either. Drug use and and possession should go without saying but I will say it anyway; if you use, possess, store or come to camp under the influence of any drug that is grounds for immediate dismissal.
Yes, your friends can come and pick you up on your day off or meet you in town. Hawkeye is a small safe community and any and all visitors must check in at the office and be accompanied by a staff member at all times.

Visitors may receive a tour arranged in advance that does not interfere with regular programming or duties.
Of course you can…just not on your person or in your cabin. There is an area in the staff cabin for each counselor to keep personal and electronic items. No electronics of any kind are allowed in the cabins including but not limited to video game devices, cell phones, blow dryers, and hair straighteners.

This isn't just about leading by example, though that is an important piece of all that we do, this is about being "in it." We want all our community members committed to what we are teaching and how we are teaching it. Be AT CAMP while you are at camp. This is important and will make not only you happier but your campers too.