Types of Staff

Let's get this straight; EVERYONE AT HAWKEYE WORKS WITH KIDS!  The Director?  Yup, he leads hiking trips, runs special activities, and is in on woodworking, archery and athletics.  How 'bout the Nurse?  Of course, you'll find her out on the trail hiking, in teaching arts & crafts projects, and around camp for bugs & dirt as well.  Fine, but not the chef surely?  Definitely, the chef teaches cooking, oversees Iron Chef everyday, leads Make Your Own Pizza" and shows cabins all sorts of culinary skills.


There are three types of counseling staff members at Hawkeye; Cabin Counselors, Program Area Specialists, and General Counselors.


Cabin Counselors: Mother Goose, Pied Piper, or Ring Leader whatever you call them our cabin counselors are leading the way! Just like conducting an orchestra the primary duties of the cabin counselors are to unify campers, set the tempo, deliver clear expectations, listen carefully, and guide the group atmosphere over the course of the summer.


Cabin counselors spend most of their day accompanying their group to various activities. The expectation during these activity periods are that the counselors are engaged with the group, involved with the activity and helping the instructor in whatever way needed. Cabin counselors spend less time planning and leading activities in program areas. They typically develop closer bonds with their cabin group members and are expected to manage personalities and issues within the cabin group.

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Program Counselors: Let’s be frank, their real title should be FUN COORDINATORS!!! These counselors plan and prepare, organize and instruct, lead and execute activities in their specific Program Area. Days are spent mainly in the program area space; cabin and camper groups arrive during specific planned periods. When a group is not in the program area Program counselors should be reviewing quality and quantity of materials, set up for the next activity and making notes about specific dynamics of groups. Program staff live in each cabin and help with their cabin group. They will occasionally assist in the another Program Area or in the cabin.


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General Counselors: Want to know everyone at camp real quick!? Get to know campers on a personal level in the bunk AND learn about their skills in the program areas. General Counselors have both Program Area responsibilities and Cabin duties. These individuals are generally first year counselors or younger staff members who we’d like to see get their feet wet. Being a general counselor allows individuals an opportunity to decide what they’d really love to focus on in future summers.

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